Athletes and Performers

Whether you want to break your own athletic record or make the leap from silver to gold, having a fit brain is a powerful way to boost your performance.

Benefits for Athletes

  • Decrease performance anxiety
  • Increase flow and focus
  • Elevate confidence
  • Deepen resilience, adaptability and faster recovery
  • Improve discipline
  • Improve endurance and mental game
  • Break through mental blocks

Optimal Performance

Many elite athletes, musicians, dancers, artists, executives, and even the Navy SEALS and NASA have achieved their most notable performances or greatest achievements through brain training. Many have used the technology in our program—NeurOptimal®—or one of the older approaches to brain training known as “neurofeedback.”

While there are many distinctions between older forms of neurofeedback and the advanced brain training offered by NeurOptimal®, the point is that while brain training is a new concept for the mainstream, people have been using neurofeedback to achieve peak performance for decades.

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance is a crucial element to peak performance in any arena, from athletic competition to business leadership. Even the smallest thoughts can make the difference in winning silver or gold, or performing in front of an audience of 100,000 fans.

The ability of a runner at the start line to be completely ready, in full force ahead mode, and totally “on”—while simultaneously keeping completely calm and relaxed—requires acute control over emotional balance. We call it emotional self-regulation.

Golf is 90% a mental game. Brain training using NeurOptimal® is being used among many golf professionals as it has proven to enhance mental game and golf game results.

Offerings for Athletes

At our brain fitness labs in San Francisco and El Cerrito we offer:

  • NeuroNap™ brain training sessions (to incorporate with your physical training routine)
  • Brain fitness coaching
  • Training and education
  • Technology purchases and rentals*

*When you purchase NeurOptimal® technology directly through NeuroNap Performance, we offer our own rewards program to provide you with special rewards and benefits you can't get anywhere else.

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