Whether you want to reduce anxiety, quiet your inner voice of worry, finally get good quality sleep, or just be able to relax and feel peaceful, having a fit brain is the most powerful way to achieve it.

People come to us with concerns like anxiety, ADD, PTSD, depression, addiction, traumatic brain injury, sleep disorders, Lyme disease, chemo brain, and a whole host of other concerns—because many of these symptoms can be related to an underlying dysregulation in the central nervous system.

Caring for your brain through techniques like NeuroNap™ brain training can improve brain fitness. With a fit brain, many issues can be reduced—or even eliminated altogether. Everyone is different, and each person’s response and response time is unique. The number of NeuroNaps that will benefit you the most cannot be predicted, only experienced. We invite you to enjoy the journey and the experience.

Offerings for Individuals

At our brain fitness labs in San Francisco and El Cerrito we offer:

  • NeuroNap™ brain training sessions
  • Brain fitness coaching
  • Training and education
  • Technology purchases and rentals*

*When you purchase NeurOptimal® technology directly through NeuroNap Performance, we offer our own rewards program to provide you with special rewards and benefits you can't get anywhere else.

Important note: The technology in our NeuroNap™ program, NeurOptimal®, is neither a medical device nor a medical treatment. We do not provide a diagnosis, nor does the technology. In fact, NeurOptimal® is diagnostically agnostic—it makes no judgment on what is happening, merely giving feedback the brain can use to decide how to take care of itself.

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