Questions Answered

How much effort is involved?

Besides taking a nap, your only job is to show up and have an open mind. Each NeurOptimal® brain training session is approximately 33 minutes plus the hook up and removal of sensors—45 minutes in total.

Coaching is not required, but helps significantly—it can mean the difference between stopping too soon and never knowing what could have happened -- or having your whole life change for the better. Coaching can take less than 5 minutes, or as long as you feel you need.

How long will it take to get results?

Let’s put it this way. You don’t go to the gym and get buff in 3 or 5 visits, right? So why would you expect to get brain fit with only a few sessions?

Everyone is different, and everyone responds to the brain training in their own way. The number of sessions that will work best for you cannot be predicted, it can only be experienced. Although it’s possible to feel a major shift after your first visit, it’s not common. In most cases, we prefer to commit to a baseline of 10 sessions—so that you don’t walk away too soon and miss out on transforming your life.

Training is cumulative. Each session compounds upon the previous, as your brain builds its own memory of the efficient patterns it’s learning.

What should I expect?

Human beings have a funny habit of getting in our own way. Life transformation doesn’t happen by ruthlessly focusing on what you think you want, and then looking only for evidence toward that. It happens by letting yourself be open enough to notice things you were not expecting.

Human change doesn’t happen in a linear form, which means that progress (improvement toward our goals) doesn’t move in only one direction. Always keep the bigger picture in mind.

You can’t reach beyond your expectations if you have expectations in the way. But you can reach beyond your imagination. That is where transformation lives.

This training is an invitation to open up to the best possibilities within yourself. Learn as much as you want to in terms of brain fitness science and the technology, then let it all go—to the best of your human ability—and drop your expectations. Let the experience speak for itself.

How often should I do it?

Many people train for a period of time and finish—because they achieved their goals. Some people will choose to do it regularly, like a workout routine—because it feels good and keeps them feeling on top of their game. Others choose to do a refresher or maintenance session some time down the road.

All these options are appropriate. You can’t over do it. There are no risks and no side effects.

What if I don’t have time?

Time is cited as the #1 reason people don’t focus on their wellness. Once you realize that doing the brain training in this program gets you significantly more time back in your day, it will automatically become your priority—a deal breaker part of your day. You either get brain fit or nothing else.

The only question that remains is—how important is your brain fitness to you?

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