The Technology

We use NeurOptimal®—the most advanced, safe, powerful, non-invasive, and effective EEG-based technology on the market—that works directly with your central nervous system.

The technology uses non-invasive sensors to monitor the electromagnetic activity of the brain and produces audio feedback in real-time—millisecond by millisecond.

This gentle audio feedback signal helps the brain adapt to real-time information (that it otherwise does not ever have access to) and make decisions about how to improve itself—based on its own innate understanding of what it needs.

This is because the brain is naturally self-correcting, self-organizing, and self-rewarding.

By nurturing the central nervous system in a gentle but profound way, a host of life transforming possibilities becomes inevitable.

Key Features

Based on cutting edge neuroscience and digital signal processing (DSP), a few of the key features are as follows.

  • NDS — Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
    There is nothing linear about the chaotic behavior of our brains. Our brains are literally the most complex dynamic systems in the universe. With that in mind, and unlike virtually every other technology on the market, NeurOptimal® was built from the ground up to work with a non-linear dynamical system. It is analogous to talking to the brain in it’s own language.

  • Joint Time Frequency Analysis (JFTA)
    The only technology that uses moment-to-moment joint time frequency analysis—which not only makes it possible to monitor the brain in real-time at the rate of 256 samples per second, but to do so with precision and accuracy unprecedented and unmatched in the industry.

  • Restorative Intervention
    NeurOptimal® technology helps your brain make the best use of its natural resources. With regular use, you actually teach the brain how to operate more efficiently and keep that learning potentially over a lifetime. All other technologies in this space require you to actively interact with the technology for it to work. Instead, NeurOptimal® retrains your brain to do so independently.

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