What Is Brain Fitness?

Every human has a reservoir of untapped potential. Yet many of the problems we struggle with are symptoms of an underlying dysregulation in the central nervous system—brought on by stress and other environmental factors. Stress, in particular, is the biggest epidemic of our time. But traditional solutions aren’t doing the job anymore. With so much to deal with, our brain is craving efficiency.

Brain fitness is the optimization of cognitive, emotional, and executive brain functions required to thrive in today’s environment. What we are now learning from science is that you can improve your brain’s function by applying brain training techniques or routines. It’s a similar concept to following a physical fitness routine to better your body. With brain fitness, there is only one goal from which all other goals become possible: optimization.

When your brain is optimized and running efficiently, your world falls into place, issues fade away, and you open yourself up to your true potential. Efficiency to the brain means getting more done using less energy. The brain uses more energy than any other human organ and consumes 20% of the overall energy of the body.

Like a software program, optimization in the brain reduces redundancies. The energy once consumed by inefficient or redundant behaviors can be redirected toward higher goals—like accessing your untapped potential, or improving any number of skills.

A Resilient Brain

The most essential skill in the 21st century is resilience—the ability to bounce back and recover quickly from stressful events. We all get knocked down from time to time, but how fast you can get back up is becoming more and more important in this age of fail fast and exponential everything. Resilience is one of a fit brain’s primary characteristics. It has the flexibility and elasticity to bounce itself back into shape.

Being resilient is also an overlooked but crucial component to feeling happy. When you are able to deal with uncertainty and calamity from a place of strength and adaptability, you produce the necessary soil for wellbeing to grow. Add a dash of gracefulness to that mix and you become unstoppable!

A fit brain is the most powerful way to handle stress. It improves your state of mind, and nothing improves the quality of your life more profoundly than your state of mind.